The Queer Witches Art Project


We plan to make portrait paintings of all these magical people (and more). Tatu has known many of these spiritual queers for over 30 years and some of them he has recently met. Many have been photoraphed already to be painted for the Queer Witch Art Project. Here are short introductions.

Bright Daffodil
Her life is a big transformative healing journey in itself. Bright was born intersex, raised as boy and grew up into being a fabulous transwoman. She helps homeless people in London, organises healing seremonies, is a DJ and has written a book called Hospital for the Soul.
Carlotta Moore
Carlotta (American) is an actress and her alter ego Chrzu (Finnish) is a director. They create magic trough the art of film-making and have won many awards on international film festivals. The films talk about sex, conusmerism, reiligion, satanism, fame and nature.
Dalva Lamminmäki
Dalva has many years experience in traditional Finnish healing and shamanish and she also studies that in the University of Eastern Finland. She organises workshops where artists can paint while she puts them into a trance trough her durmming.
Dr. Darius Meibodi, German / Iranian energy and medical healer, graduated as a doctor of medicine in 1994 at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Upon graduation he moved to London, where he practiced oncology for almost 20 years. In 2002, he qualified as a "Body of Light Integration" practitioner with Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire and Nicolas David Ngan. In 2015 he left traditional medicine to fully practice as a healer while honoring his spiritual path. Since 2016, Dr. Darius lives in southern France. He travels frequently to Mexico and around the world to offer a multidimensional spiritual healing, with the aim of helping people to be happy, healthy, live connected, express their greatest purpose and create new and better realities, with a focus on healing both on a personal and planetary level.
Diego Rambova
Diego is finnishing his doctoral studies in Madrid in art history. His theses and lectures are about art, magic and queer studies. He is also an artists and uses magical ritualistic elements in his performances.
Fuckery Von Flesh
Finnish Fuckery uses art, burlesque and her freaky looks to shake up things and makes the audince to question and elevate their consciousness.
Halo Is
A legendary London DJ who can put people into a trance on the dancefloor and radiowaves. She is also a film-maker and healer with experiences from the Amazon rainforest.
Aka Vertti Vesala, one of the new generatioin drag artists from Finland with elevated consciousness and ready to illuminate the world. Plus extra professional make-up skills.
Jani Tolin
Helsinki based artists with graffiti and graphic design background. Has studied shamanism in Peru and has continued his studies & healing journey with Santo Daime Church.
Johanna Londinium
Johanna is a model and club hostess from London and has a T-shirt label called Kosmic Beatnik. She is also a starseed, which means she has been born to this planet to heal and to help raise the planetary love frequency. Actually, all of us humans are starseeds, we just haven't realised it yet.
Johannes from Helsinki has studied many religions and belief systems and have even had contact with many deities. He has made a rainbow meditation healing system where you can pick a colour and religious masters to suit your colour and frequency needs.
Kasper has studied indian philosphies and yoga in Helsinki and abroad. He makes necklaces of Rudraksha beads and they are considered auspicious as well as powerful and are supposed to have profound astrological and health benefits.
Laura Lazura
Aka Jaguar on the Moon has a fashion boutique in Zurich and is a multidiscplinary artists. Laura is also the founder of Switzerland's Psychedelic Society.
Leandro Acosta
Leandro is a physiotherapist from Venezuela living in Madrid. He is also meditation and yoga instructor and has experience in santerism and their healing seremonies.
Maisa Tikka
Maisa brigns love and healing trough her angelic voice and music. She has even directed opera. She also organises many healing seremonies in Finland.
Martyn is a radical faerie with deeper knowledge in astrology. Australia born, New York based Martyn is also a photographer and textile designer.
She is a Madrid based Yoga Teacher and photographer. Mercedes includes magic and queers in her art, the latest project is about mermaids.
Oscar is a musician, DJ and film-maker from Madrid. Some of his inspirations comes from the occult and Oscar forms a group with Platania called 5 Sex Divine
Trained as a classical pianist, Othon also works with electronic and experiemental music and DJs in parties like Papa Loco in London. He has 15 years of experiene in esoteric and shamanistic studies from Greece to Brazil and includes this knowledge in his musical work.
Pioneer in Helsinki's hard house and queer scenes. Club star personality that has connections to ancient and future kings and queens. Pietari is also a tarot reader and author/artist Rosa Liksom has made a short film about him called Fucking Witch.
Platania from Sevilla might seem young but he/she/them claims to be thousands of years old and has a vast knowledge about esoterism and the occult. Platania is also a known televison personality and forms a band 5 Sex Divine with Oscar.
Predrag Pajdic
His beautiful, shamanistic and magical art has been exhibited in more than 200 international exhibitions, including Victoria & Albert Museum London, The National Academy of Sciences Washington DC and Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade.
Princess Julia
The real princess of London nightlife, fashion and art. Being on top of what is cool and hot since the 70s is magic in itself. Julia also writes to many magazines and reads tarot cards and palms.
Risto Rajan Hakulinen is a meditation instructor and works at meditation retreats in Finland. He is using a tradition called Odo, where an idea for a meditation comes from little Odo poems and creative visualisations.
Shaman Bear
aka Erol from London has been a shaman in previous lives too. He has studied shamanism in Mexico and Peru and can meditate for hours.
Shokti Lovestar
Shokti is a radical faerie, witch and a historian. He explores the links between our sexual-physical nature and our spirits, running gatherings, rituals and Queer Spirit Festival. He woke up to his part in the accelerating awakening of light, love and awareness on planet earth in January 1995, and offer his insights and observations on that ongoing transformation, how to navigate the waves of change, and especially focussing on the role of queer people at this time.
SpaceWitch Pop
As a teenager in Finland she got scary experiences when tried Spiritism, but has learned that her extra "skills" are not magic, just developed intuition. She is inspired by occultism in her music and she is also part of a death metal band called ExoSkeleton.
Tanja is a yoga teacher, dancer and massage therapist from Helsinki and New York. Her speciality is healing energy vortex massage.
Tinttu from Helsinki does magical art with camera, ropes and styling. She draws inspirations from many religions and philosophies. Tinttu is also a public speaker and she can cure homofobia with a conversation.
Yiorgos Zafiriou is an artist from Sydney who does ritual performances and his inspirations come from the occult like Aleister Crowley and grotesque in the arts and drag. He is currenty doing doctor's degree in art about queer magic.
Yvonne Shafir has PhD in Art History from New York and lives now in Melbourne. She collects and exhibits art and writes about it. Her speciality in the esoteric field is her knowledge about kabbala.